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We live in an old 1935 house and they turned what used to be a very small 10 x 5 enclosed front porch into a spa like retreat. It definitely was an adventure as we encountered many stumbling blocks along the way as one does when challenged with renovating an old home. You never know what you might uncover including a few extra layers of floors, extra layers of ceiling and extra layers of walls. The original design would have been beautiful but because of all the adjustments we had to make the design morphed and developed along the way and it came out even better than the original plan and I wouldn’t change a thing or the process that got us here

Susan Drake

We are extremely pleased with the remodel of our master bathroom. Working with Lindsey and Dale was a pleasure. They were very professional and even when we ran into an electrical problem that was not their fault they helped us get the issue resolved and worked diligently with our condo association to help us move the project forward. We finished within the budget and love the new look. I would highly recommend Lindsey and S&W.

Ann Hansen