savana degatina

savana bio picSavana Degatina is a Florida native and her passion for design is focused on her love of the coast.  This helps her develop designs that complement the surrounding area. She has a keen eye for combining the allure of Florida with inspiration from the California coast, where she spent a few years working on new builds and custom homes. That experience helped her understand the complexity of the inner workings of a home, while teaming up with architects to make certain the concepts would be accurately composed.

"My experience with living in and traveling to many places encourages me to bring old and new concepts together. Working in different environments opened my eyes to the diversity of art and architecture, which motivates me to introduce innovative concepts to my designs.” 

Savana is dedicated to listening to the clients’ desires and requirements, before focusing on how to sync their ideas together with function, beauty, and spatial awareness. She says,

“Ultimately, giving you a space where you want to create memories with your friends and family is my goal. After all, your home is an intimate place where you will be delighted to bring everyone together or happily indulge in uninterrupted alone time.”