There should be no underestimating countertops in their ability to set the tone in a kitchen. Because they cover the space that they do - and because are often the focal point of the kitchen - they dramatically change the style of an area. Changing the countertop will allow you to carry through with the design you desire and visually impact the space with just one renovation.

But as dramatic as they are, countertops can also be expensive. And sometimes, changing them completely is not within a standard budget. Luckily there are ways to transform the countertops without having to change them completely; countertop resurfacing is an affordable and easy way to change the look of your kitchen without the mess and expense of replacing the materials completely.

Laminate countertops come in hundreds of attractive colors, several different textures, various degrees of shine, and offer designer edge treatments. There are also various backsplash options to choose from.

Laminate is found in kitchens ranging from typical to semi-custom to very high end. It is not a compromise in any way and owes no apologies regarding its appearance. Today we have hundreds of fantastic colors to choose from. The addition of a designer edge treatment is a key element to a great looking laminate kitchen.

Formica Solid Surfacing is an elegant material available in a variety of colors and granite like patterns. It gives a rich, luxurious feeling to kitchen counters, work islands, wet bars, vanity tops, windowsills, tabletops, and many other applications.

Formica Solid Surfacing is not only one of the most beautiful surfacing materials available today, but also one of the most durable. A product of sophisticated modern technology, Formica Solid Surfacing is resistant to heat, stains, bacteria, and impact. It is nonporous, with the same color and pattern running throughout its thickness. This combination of features provides a deep, rich appearance that is easy to care for, so its beauty can be preserved for years to come.

Let's face it; remodeling a kitchen can be an expensive prospect. From appliances and paint to floors and countertops, transforming a kitchen or bathroom completely can require quite a bit of money and time. For most of us, tackling the entire project at once is simply cost-prohibitive. But there are ways to visually transform your kitchen space without breaking the bank. The answer lies in creative solutions to kitchen renovation; and one such idea is that of countertop resurfacing. S & W Kitchens carry's a full line of Formica countertop colors, shades and styles.