When you're looking for a kitchen like no one else’s...Our Omega Custom kitchen cabinet lines blend together with ease, giving you that stunning kitchen without breaking the bank. Because Omega offer matching door styles and finishes, your designer can integrate a few custom pieces without paying for full custom throughout. It’s a value that you can’t find with any other brand.


Omega's solid wood case construction makes your kitchen and bathroom cabinets ready for a lifetime of use. But you don't have to wait a lifetime to appreciate it. Omega cabinets are delivered square, stable and easy to install because we start with solid, kiln-dried select hardwood frames. Unlike many kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturers, we produce every door (even our curved doors) on site allowing us to apply the same rigorous quality standards to the doors as we give to the rest of the product.


The basic building blocks of the Omega product are select hardwoods and veneers. The unique beauty and elegance of hardwood is expressed in the character of each unique piece of hardwood as it is machined, joined and finished into fine kitchen cabinets. Just as no two trees are alike, no two pieces of wood are alike. This natural occurrence can result in the beautiful variations in grain and color throughout your cabinets.

With Omega you can have it all. Fashionable selections for the outside, intelligent storage solutions for the inside; all within exceptionally-built, all-wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets that lasts a lifetime.
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