Wilsonart HD High Definition Laminate

Wilsonart HD High Definition Laminate countertops

Remodeling a kitchen can be a costly affair. Yet experts agree that even in a tough economy, remodeling a kitchen is one of the most efficient ways to add value to the entire home. With the advantages of Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate, homeowners can significantly upgrade the entire look of the kitchen while keeping their budget intact. This makes great sense to homeowners who are constantly searching for ways to stretch their dollars on remodeling projects.

Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate. It’s more than just a new pattern. It’s a whole new kind of laminate. Technology and nature have come together to create amazing optical dimension and clarity with wear resistance 3x that of the industry standard. It’s laminate like no other. Available only from Wilsonart®.

From up-to-date designs like metal and stone to traditional patterns like brushed and wood grain, Wilsonart countertops can give your kitchen a great new look.

Wilsonart takes laminate countertops to a new level of style, so have fun and imagine the possibilities! With Wilsonart countertops, you can choose from dozens of bold, subtle, and inspiring options.

With 32 unique designs, Wilsonart HD laminate has the look and feel of natural materials at a fraction of the cost. "With Wilsonart HD laminate, you get not only a beautiful and practical surface.

Wilsonart HD laminate gives budget-conscious homeowners the ability to make a personal statement with a kitchen unique to their specific needs. Getting the kitchen of their dreams can become a reality when they don't have to spend the entire budget on the countertops alone.

Luxury Made Comfortable
These are luxurious looks you can feel at home with. Cook, clean, raise children, spill, splash, live in your kitchen, without a moment's worry. Highly resistant to wear and impact, Wilsonart HD countertops are also nonporous - there's no need for sealing and re-sealing as with other, more costly materials.