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Feb 18, 2014 2:11:00 PM

KBIS 2014 - from Brooke Eversoll

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Apr 26, 2013 9:21:00 AM

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in New Orleans

Last weekend S&W Kitchens landed in force at KBIS – the home renovation answer to ComicCon or CES.  This year it was held in New Orleans – a great town for history, design, culture and food!  The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show immersed our designers, managers and owners in all of the new product offerings and updated them on new ways to serve our customers.

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May 26, 2011 8:50:00 AM

Pictures from KBIS

We took just a few pictures at the recent KBIS Show in Las Vegas. 

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May 18, 2011 10:03:00 AM

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

We recently attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas and we thought we'd share our impressions of where we're all headed.  Overall, the show was smaller than previous years and many booths were smaller as well.  Of course, this pretty clearly reflects the economy and the need for manufacturers to scale back on costs.  There were, however, signs of better things to come as many vendors showed innovative products designed to help our customers save time and effort and maximize storage.

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