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outdoorbrochure 1If the kitchen truly is the heart of the home an outdoor kitchen can take it to the next level.  This is best time of year for enjoying the outdoors.  It's warm enough to be outside into the evening and cool enough that the traditional Florida bugs haven't arrived.

Expand your overall living space!  Start with a porch area near the inside kitchen, preferably a covered area.  A grill is traditional - usually the man's domain for rustling up burgers or steaks or chicken.  Wrap the veggies like corn on the cob or potatoes in foil and thrown them on too!

A family-sized table and chairs where everyone can gather around, eat and relax with each other is also a good idea.  Once you start, you'll probably want to add a counter, for prepping and serving the food, and maybe a small refrigerator to keep drinks cold.

Graduate to the big leagues when you add a lounging/sitting area, fireplace and maybe a bar with stools!  Why not add a TV and entertainment system?  If the area is sheltered enough most equipment can stand the elements and brands are now made that can withstand being in the open!

Once you get started, it's hard to stop!  You might not go back inside until winter rolls around again - who says you can't sleep out under the stars?  See more ideas and download a Sub-Zero/Wolf Outdoor Kitchens Brochure here.

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