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Top-10-new-year-resolutions.pngDid you make New Year's Resolutions this year?  Have you already abandoned all hope of achieving them?  Let us show you how a Kitchen or Bath Remodel can help you not only achieve your resolutions - but put you on the road to Happiness and Success!  

The most common resolutions stay the same every year - over and over we promise ourselves the same things - and life overtakes us every time!  Here's how to pull yourself out of that rut and move forward:

Get Organized - Start with your kitchen and pantry.  Rip it out down to the studs - maybe even a wall or two.  Move the sink under the window.  Install special storage for pots and pans and all the covers - and those cookie sheets need a better place to stay as well.  kohler_bath_2.jpg

Help Others - The best way to help others is to be your best self - and that means making sure you have a kitchen that makes feeding yourself and others a joy.  Make some jams and jellies to give to family and friends. Or make your bath a place of refuge and sanctuary - it will help you be ready to meet whatever life decides to throw your way!

Learn Something New - Learn how to make jam or bake bread in a new gourmet kitchen.  Learn meditation in a beautiful new bathtub with heated surface, hydrotherapy, chromatherapy and speakers for music!

More Family Time - A new kitchen inspires you and your family to come together for meals.  Let the kids help prepare and they'll learn to feed themselves - and you when you're old and grey.

Get Out of Debt/Save Money - New appliances and plumbing fixtures will lower your utility bills.  A new kitchen will inspire you to eat at home more often and save money on dining out. Pretty soon you'll be swimming in extra money!

Family-cooking.jpgEnjoy Life More - You'll be organized, loved by others, learning new things, spending time with your family and have extra money - Life is Good!

This year, make a plan!  First step - make an appointment for an in-home consultation and all of your problems will resolve themselves!  ;)


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