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KBIS 2014 - from Brooke Eversoll

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This year KBIS was in Las Vegas, the city of lights.    My favorite part was a tour of 3 penthouses located in the Mandarin Oriental on the Vegas strip.  We visited 3 units on the 43rd, 46th, and 47th floors.  The units overlooked the lights for some of the best views of the city.  Corner windows where glass came together at a sharp angle, brought us up close and personal to the view.   Floor to ceiling windows bringing us eye level with the sky. 

Imagine a Kitchen Cabinet Like This

roentinger cabinet

Incredible!  From a time when most homes didn't have hot and cold running water, much less a spa masterbath or a gourmet kitchen!

How Deep is Your Kitchen Sink?

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Outside Kitchens in the Tampa Tribune!

outdoor kitchen

Our own Brooke Eversoll was consulted for an article in the The Tampa Tribune last Sunday. The full article was in the May 19th Your Home section.  No link was found to the article, but we have the full transcription here:

Remodeling Your House with Your Whole Family in Mind

family 3G

The latest extended recession has had consequences for people at every social and economic level.  According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, 47% of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent aged 65 or older and are also either raising a young child or financially supporting a child aged 18 or older.  The new term for this situation is the "Sandwich Generation"!

2013 Kitchen Renovation Trends

kitchen trends wordle

The flurry of "2013 Trend" lists is finally slowing and in an effort to digest and summarize the current kitchen trends as seen by the taste-makers of today I mashed about ten of the articles together to see what a word cloud of all of them would look like.  With just a bit of judicious editing, here it is:

Cool Cabinets Add Functionality for Kitchen and Bath

spice rack

Special cabinets can do more to enhance the functionality of your kitchen than pretty much anything else and can cut down on the number of cabinets you need.  More cabinets doesn't always mean better use of space - sometimes it just means more expense and more clutter.

Dacor Announces the Next Step for Kitchen Technology


Gourmet chefs can remotely control their high-tech oven with an Android app built into the unit.

Dream a Really Cool Kitchen

Meneghini Refrigerator open

This is the $40,500 Meneghini La Cambusa refrigerator.  It is customizable and can include “space for coffee maker, fitted pantry, double pantry, ice-maker, microwave oven, steam oven and multi-function oven.”  You can probably put a flat screen in it somehow, especially if you are willing to forego the coffee maker!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Second Harvest Food Bank 2012

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your family, eat good, home-cooked food and relax.  You deserve it!

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