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S&W Kitchens Receives Best of Houzz 2014 Award

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Along with Designers William Burke, Jeremy Parcels and Brooke Eversoll

Joan DesCombes, CKD Joins S&W Kitchens

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This just released from S&W Kitchens:

Kitchen & Bath Interns


Amy, our Super Star Intern!  She draws, assists designers during client meetings and organizes displays!    She can clean out a closet or layout a kitchen in CAD with equal ease and confidence!

Houzz 2013 Fall Kitchen Trends Study

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Houzz has quickly become the design industry's replacement for home magazines in a digital age.  It lets you can flip through all kinds of photos, just like in a magazine - and so much more!  You can narrow the pictures to see only kitchens, or only baths, or only traditional homes.  You can tag pictures of things you like and make notes on them.  (In the 20th century these are called tear-sheets - pages you ripped from magazines to save for later - I still have a stack of these somewhere...)  And you can share what you like and don't like with your spouse, best friend or designer - all without encountering ads for Viagra or pet food.

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Design Karma

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A wise woman once told me 'Beauty is painful!', which, she went on to explain, meant that to achieve beauty for more than mere seconds takes a lot of work.

Imagine a Kitchen Cabinet Like This

roentinger cabinet

Incredible!  From a time when most homes didn't have hot and cold running water, much less a spa masterbath or a gourmet kitchen!

Beverage Bar in Your Future?

A beverage bar sounds like something in a fancy hotel that is going to cost you dearly - but it's really a perfect idea for any family.  It can be very small - just a cabinet tucked into a corner or a full-blown bar for entertaining friends and family.
According to Moen's article:  If there’s one prevailing trend in home bars, it’s this: They’re in demand. “I’m seeing a resurgence in the interest for home bars as a design feature, which is trending with the enthusiasm around the craft cocktail and craft beer movement,” says Lisa Wilson-Wirth, eponymous principal of a San Diego, Calif.–based design firm.
A small area to the side where kids and adults can grab a soda or a cup of coffee can be really helpful while dinner is prepared.  Keeping a party flowing is also a good reason for a home bar.
Design should be based on what kinds of beverages will be served.  Sodas, espresso, water, wine, beer and mixed drinks all have different needs.  
Storage is always important - storing the beverages in cabinets or a small refrigerator and cups, glasses or mugs as needed.  Any special equipment will also need a spot - a beer bottle opener (always better to attach it in the area so it doesn't wander off!) or a wine bottle diffuser.
A small sink is often useful for rinsing or washing hands and an icemaker nearby makes everything easier, especially here in Florida!  Specialized equipment like a wine fridge, kegerators and built-in espresso machines can really personalize the space and make it a perfect fit for your family!

Technology in your Kitchen


What will they come up with next?  Probably in your lifetime you've been told that in the future we'll all have cars that drive themselves or fly or or robots that will keep your home spotlessly clean.  Sadly, none of these magical futures have come true... yet.  Still, the pace of technology in our lifetimes has been staggering on many levels.  

Kitchen Design, Floor Plans and Designers

floor plan

This is a good article on home design:  10 Floor Plan Mistakes And How To Avoid Them In Your Home from  It highlights just how difficult it can be for people to envision their living space.  Flat, two-dimensional architect plans are difficult for the un-trained to see as three-dimensional spaces.  Often the reality is very different - smaller, larger, awkward or even impossible sometimes for actual construction!

How Deep is Your Kitchen Sink?

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Home improvement can start with something as minor as installing track lighting or a ceiling fan.
Highlight your home"s architecture with the expert advice of interior design specialists and top home decorators.

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