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European Kitchens Seminar

Posted on Oct 1, 2014 1:08:13 PM

This week S&W KItchens hosted a CEU seminar on European Kitchens, presented by Alison Weidner from Poggenpohl.  It was a wonderful look at how kitchens developed in Europe and how those developments are reflected today in the US and in Europe.

In 1926, Margarete Shutte-Lihotsky designed an efficient, low cost kitchen.  It is referred to as the 'Frankfurt Kitchen' and is considered the first modern fitted kitchen.  Kitchens before this tended to have whatever furniture the homeowner could find or was passed down to them:  a large prep and eating table, a cupboard or armoire for dishes, perhaps a deep tub for washing dishes or food.  Probably, the adoption of reliable indoor plumbing and electricity helped to make a fitted kitchen more practical.


Modern European kitchens are engineered from this foundation.  Even though the kitchens were fitted, they tend to be mobile.  If the owner moves, they take the kitchen with them!  The ability to move your kitchen with you - still practiced in Europe today - required a different kind of engineering.  Always up for that kind of challenge, European cabentry companies have designed cabinets that are self-leveling for whatever floor issues might be encountered.  The boxes are simplified and have more room inside them - every inch counts.  And they can be completely assembled with only a screwdriver.  The top cabinets are hung on a rail, instead of bolted to the walls.


It's not unusual for a European home to be 100, 200 or even 300 years old.  While living with history is important, they also want all of the modern conveniences.  They certainly don't still use the hearth for cooking!  So they are comfortable putting modern kitchens in their historical houses.  Clean lines and fewer embellishments, such as drawer handles are popular.  Engineering again helps to make the kitchen functional and minimal at the same time:  doors and drawers that open at the lightest touch or channels built in to allow a natural grasp.  There are even cabets that open and close electronically.

Storage solutions have long been popular and are finally being included in many American cabinets - every corner and every inch is functional.  On the left is a corner cabinet where the shelves swing all the way out to store large pots and pans that aren't needed every day.  On the right is a step ladder stored in the toe-kick.



Europeans have long had to deal with fewer resources as their far older populations gobbled them up.  For example, solid wood is rare because of deforestation hundreds of years ago.  Recycled materials with weneers are common but engineered to last - cabinet doors are completely sealed and designed to never peel or warp.  

They also use the most current technologies in the construction of their products - using renewable hydro-electric power for their manufacturing plants.



The European kitchen designer carefully consider all ergonomic needs right at the planning and designing stage, in order to prevent bad postures and health problems.  Proper work height for each client, practical inner dividing systems, a sink near a cooktop; every detail of the kitchen is part of a well-thought-out whole. As far back as the Frankfurt Kitchen - countertops were varied for the work that would be required in that space.

With the skilled input of a Poggenpohl designer to make the best possible use of the space, and the flexibility that comes from offering a near-infinite range of cabinet sizes, the finished kitchen will look completely in harmony with all guidelines of ergonomics.

Call S&W Kitchens or come by one of our five showrooms to see just how beautiful and functional a European Kitchen can be! 



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In this third post on the Seaside Condo series, we see all the final details that bring together function and beauty in a newly renovated kitchen.

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Seaside Condo - Issues, Problems and Resolutions

Posted on Sep 4, 2014 8:22:37 AM

Renovations are like weddings:  every single one is unique and has its own issues to be resolved.  This kitchen was no exception.  The sink the clients fell in love with was beautiful – and large.  It was selected to make use of the awkward corner by using a drain board in that space.  “It is a beast!” Designer Brooke Eversoll laughed.  It’s made from SILGRANIT® composite by Blanco.

At the countertop template the fabricator noticed it was too big for the cabinet depth in order to fit the faucet behind.   The 2 options were to 1) Get a smaller sink or 2) Pull the cabinets to gain 3”.    The clients were concerned about the fit, and were ready to get a smaller sink.  But Brooke had a plan and convinced her clients to trust her and allow her to make it work for them.  The plan was to cut 3” out of the knee wall behind the sink to allow for the extra depth.  (Note: This would not work in every space but we were able to fit this based on their layout).


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Color Trends 2015

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 1:59:00 PM

Color is one of the many elements that go into making your house... yours.  You probably have a favorite color already, which may or may not be what you want in your living space.  For example, I really love purple, especially really deep, jewel-tone amethyst. I wouldn't paint all my walls that color - or buy a purple refrigerator, if such a thing actually exists.  But, every room in my house has a touch of purple - a throw, candles, a painting.  And it all works because the palette works with that color.

Your color palette can be really important when pulling together any home renovation.  Trends in color are actually created years before they're released - imagine the coordination it must take to get whole industries - paint, tile, accessories, cabinets - to converge on what the latest colors will be.  So what you find a lot of the time are color 'philosophies' or palettes that are offered - a bold, a neutral, a soft, a modern.  This also gives the trendsetters some wiggle room... if they're wrong on one palette another might save them. 

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